​Going from backing up Tom Brady to being the franchise quarterback of one of the NFL's most historic teams is good enough. 

Now add in a nice paycheck, and you know Jimmy Garoppolo is happy in San Francisco. 

And that nice paycheck isn't just a solid deal for a franchise quarterback. He's about to become the highest-paid player in league history.

​​​​After being traded from New England mid-season, Garoppolo led the Niners to a surprising turnaround, putting up a 96.2 rating, 1,560 yards and 7 touchdowns. Not too shabby.  

Most importantly, however, the Niners finished the season on a five-game win streak. For a team that started out 0-9, Jimmy Garoppolo represents a bright future.

According to Mike Garafolo, Jimmy is now the highest-paid player in NFL history as well. He's got some high expectations.  

A couple big questions remain, of course: Can he live up to the hype, and how does this affect contracts in the NFL moving forward? The new new deal puts him ahead of Matt Stafford, who was previously the highest-paid passer with a contract worth $135 million. 

Those questions will be answered next year. For now they'll focus on getting this deal done. But it seems more of a matter of when not if. 

According to Matt Maiocco, Garoppolo will earn $27.5 million over five years in a deal worth $74 million in total.

Congrats to Jimmy G.