Tom Brady is probably the ​greatest quarterback of all time, but the the 40 year old needs some work before getting that status as a wide receiver.​

Despite his athletic limitations, the Patriots decided to try a trick play during the Super Bowl where Brady was expected to function as a receiver. 

Predictably, the play didn't end well for the Pats and Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins had an entertaining reaction on the field after the play.

Pretty sure every Pats fan had the same reaction: "Come on 12!"

​​Brady was one-upped later in the game by opposing quarterback Nick Foles who was able to secure a touchdown catch at the end of the first half.

Jenkins was far from the only person to comment on Brady's missed catch. Antonio Brown joked about training Brady on Instagram, and Sports Center trolled the quarterback on Twitter.

Guess it's back to training at WR for Brady this offseason. 

Or just delete that play from the playbook.