​The Cleveland Cavaliers are in disarray, that's well established by now. But the looming trade deadline has to mean the Cavs will make a move soon, because the current roster is certainly not getting it done. 

Rumors have swirled from player to player. ​Kevin Love, Tristan Thompson, and J.R. Smith have all been talked about as potential trade bait, and though a deal hasn't happened yet, Jewel Smith, J.R.'s wife, seems ready for whatever's ahead with her latest Instagram post. 

​​The caption reads: "When you stay ready you don’t have to get ready! Life can sometimes be filled with hella  but when you know how to make a bomb ass pitcher of lemonade (that coool refreshing drink藍) you lit! Ain’t that right babe? @teamswish #beyondexcitedforwhateverGodhasinstoreforourfamily "

It's certainly reassuring for J.R. knowing that his family is behind him no matter what, but it is a little frightening to think that he could be traded any minute now. 

Cleveland would definitely miss him if he goes. Any man who helps bring an end to a 52-year championship drought is going to be loved in that city for all eternity, or at least he should be.