Sounds like Johnny Manziel is spurring up controversy once again. 

Johnny Football is working on making a comeback to football, as Canadian Football League teams are working to ​figure out a contract with the controversial quarterback. However, it looks like he isn't done stirring the NCAA pot yet. 

Manziel took to Twitter to let the world know that all of our least favorite sports league has banned him from talking to recruits on social media. 

​​Yes, that is a real thing that is happening. 

In the digital world, it's becoming easier for people to communicate. So why wouldn't Manziel talk to potential recruits and offer his advice as to what they should do?

Apparently though, that's breaking NCAA rules. Fortunately, he's still involved in the Texas A&M recruitment system to an extent, or at least he was in 2017.

​​Never change Johnny.