New team, new ​look. 

Matt Patricia is just hours away from being introduced ​as the next Detroit Lions head coach. Before that, he was the stout defensive coordinator of the New England Patriots, helping lead them to two Super Bowls (and a disappointing loss to the Eagles). 

In New England, Patricia was known for a few things, like being a players coach and a leader. But most importantly, he was known for his epic beard. 

​​Just look at that magnificent beard. 

Patricia always would rock some kind of pullover or hoodie (Belichick style), a Patriots hat, and his giant beard during games. 

However, with his new gig, ​Patricia went for a totally new look before his introductory press conference, trimming the beard way down and ditching the hat. 

​​Honestly, if you didn't tell me that was Matt Patricia, I wouldn't have believed it was him. I mean talk about a transformation there man. 

Hopefully he can do the a similar transformation with this Lions team, and get them to the promised land under his watch. ​​