​The Cavs locker room is ​obviously disconnected and it seems that there may be one guy that the finger can be pointed at. 

Since Isaiah Thomas has returned to the court, the team has gone 6-10 and looks more lost each time they step out on the floor. The defense hasn't improved, even though that could've been predicted with Thomas' miniature size, but the offense has also taken a hit. 

Yes, he's a huge piece to have to integrate into the fold with players like Kevin Love and LeBron James that need the ball, but Thomas has been more of a road block than a boost. 

Thomas, rather than continuing to work towards getting back to his MVP-like form from last season, has instead decided to call out his team after playing in just 16 games. Unreal.

Whether there's apparent problems or not, IT shouldn't be disclosing it with the media and this should force Cleveland's hand. 

What they need to do is move Isaiah out. He clearly hasn't gotten his legs back under him yet and the experiment of him and LeBron has looked awful. They look like they're trying to take turns with the ball rather than feeding off one another.

Whatever you get back for IT may be better than the performance he's provided for this team up to this point.