​That's enough of that talk. 

After the Patriots lost in the Super Bowl, all eyes were fixed on cornerback Malcolm Butler, who went on a ​postgame tirade after the Pats coaching staff benched him the entire game for ​apparent disciplinary reasons.

Following the outburst, reports began to surface about ​what Butler allegedly did to deserve his benching. Some claimed he missed meetings, others went a bit harder with accusations of curfew violations and potential weed possession.

Now, Butler has responded to everything. 

​​The cornerback denied everything in the media, claiming he would never miss a big meeting or abandon his team during the Super Bowl.

Beyond that, though, this was clearly a message from Butler saying goodbye to the Patriots organization and fans. As he enters free agency, there's no way that the Super Bowl XLIX savior returns to New England after how things just ended. 

Sorry, Pats Nation, but it looks like Butler's time in Foxborough is over.