3 Most Likely Trade Destinations for Nick Foles

Nick Foles looked like a valuable trade asset on Saturday, but now that he's the Super Bowl MVP, he'd likely fetch a price too high for the Eagles not to trade him. While the price for his services and the fact that Wentz is still revering from his torn ACL will likely keep his name off the trade market, someone could offer the Eagles a deal that's too good to pass up. Here are the three teams most likely to trade for Foles and give Philly a BIG return.

3. Denver Broncos

During his time running the Broncos, John Elway has always seemed more interested in veteran quarterbacks than he has young players. Acquiring Foles would make a lot of sense for him. He could ship Trevor Siemian to Philadelphia, giving them a quality backup to Carson Wentz. More importantly, Foles would be much cheaper than signing Kirk Cousins, who has the same number of Pro Bowl appearances as Foles. 

2. New York Jets

The Jets are sitting behind the Browns, Giants and Broncos in the draft order, meaning I don't like their odds of getting a solid starter that way. New York is also in play for Cousins, and they have significantly more money than Denver. I think Cousins will be their first choice, but if they strike out, they could offer Philly one of their two second-rounders in exchange for Foles. 

1. Arizona Cardinals

The Cards are the most likely trade partner when it comes to Foles, who played his college ball in Arizona. This franchise doesn't have the cap space to make a run at Cousins, and they aren't in position to draft a potential starter. Foles is on the books for $7 million next year, and he's still young enough that he might be a franchise guy. To me, trading a second-round pick for Foles makes the most sense for this team, and they have a history of being trade partners in the past.