No one on Twitter is safe from the imposters who assume the alias's of sport's most reliable sources in an effort to deceive for the sake of comedy.

We have already seen countless fake Adam Schefter accounts throughout the season fool even the smartest sports journalists out there, and we had to know that one was coming on football's most important day of the year: Super Bowl Sunday. 

This time, Ian Rapoport was the subject, and @PrimeJordy thought it would be funny to disguise himself as the reliable NFL Insider and break some ridiculous news three hours before the big game about cornerback Malcolm Butler just to get New England Patriots fans' pulses pumping.

But oh, how ironic the info was come kickoff.


Maybe @PrimeJordy is a fortune teller? Maybe he has some information on why the Patriots top corner never got a chance to play a defensive snap in the biggest game of the year? We need answers!

Not even the real Ian Rapoport knows right now, and perhaps we never will. Either way, the decision was one of a few that cost the Patriots the title to the underdog Eagles, led by Nick Foles, who won the Super Bowl MVP. 

No one saw that coming... Well, @PrimeJordy may have, it seems.