​Oh no...not a good moment. 

The New England Patriots are somehow struggling to get things going in this one so far. Tom Brady and the offense are picking up big chunks of yardage on their drives, but have yet to get into the end zone to start things off. 

Now, they may have lost one of their top offensive weapons for the game. Star WR Brandin Cooks immediately dropped to the ground after receiving a brutal hit from behind delivered by Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins. 

​​Oh man, that is tough to watch...

Cooks crumpled to the ground after the hit, and laid motionless for a few seconds before the training staff ran out to check in on him. 

Fortunately Cooks was able to stand up and walk off the field with trainer assistance, ​​and headed directly to the locker room for further evaluation. 

He's already been ruled out.

Now, Tom Brady will have to contend without one of his best deep threats.

Good luck.​​