​There's no arguing this... Tom Brady is the GOAT. 

The man might be 40, but the Patriots superstar continues to make amazing plays, looking like a 28-year-old stud in the process.

This season, he has once again led the Patriots to another Super Bowl. Come Monday morning, we could be talking about him powering the team to yet another championship season. Having said all of this, there was no doubt he was this year's MVP. 

And on Saturday night, the NFL made it official. 

​​No one else deserved this one. 

Brady has proved time and time again he's a legend. Though some Philly fans might argue Carson Wentz should have gotten it, they're just plain wrong. Those fans probably think the Eagles have a chance tomorrow. Wrong again.

For TB12, this is just another trophy he can add to his collection. We're hoping it's not the final piece of hardware he adds this weekend. Congrats, Tom!