​Ain't no fire sale like a Miami Marlins fire sale.

With the arrival of new co-owner and CEO Derek Jeter came a new normal for the Fish-- one that seems to prioritize salary-slashing to the point of fetishism. Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, and Christian Yelich are all out of the picture, and catcher JT Realmuto can easily see the writing on the wall.

​By design, the Marlins are going to stink for a while. And Realmuto ​wants no part of that.

"He would like to be traded to another organization before Spring Training so he has an opportunity to compete for a championship," said Realmuto's agent, Jeff Berry, told the Miami Herald.

The ​NL East rival Washington Nationals have show real interest in the talented 26-year-old, but the Marlins reportedly won't budge unless top prospects are made available. It's hard to imagine that the Nats are the only ones willing to swoop in for Realmuto's services, though, as he has an excellent defensive reputation to go along with a career .280 average.

Nobody wants a disgruntled employee, so it behooves Jeter and company to figure out a way to get the catcher out of town before things get too inflamed. At the very least, the player himself has made his wishes more than clear.