​Perhaps the biggest and most disturbing story in the sports world right now is that of Larry Nassar, former physician for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University.

Nassar was found guilty of ​sexually abusing the female gymnasts he was working with for decades. Now, he will spend the ​rest of his life behind bars.

In the courtroom, each victim has had the opportunity to confront Nassar and tell them how despicable he is. Today, the father of three of his victims had the chance to see the predator face to face in the court room.

After being denied "five minutes in a locked room" with the disgraced doctor, the father decided he'd try to physically punish Nassar anyway. He charged at him, and chaos ensued.

This is an emotional scene. The father is clearly (and rightfully) distraught due to Nassar's treatment of his daughters and wanted to respond in no uncertain terms. A court room is the last place that violence would ever be tolerated, but can you really blame the guy?

Think about it-- if justice was to really be served, the father of every victim might be entitled to a few minutes in a locked room with Nassar. Unfortunately, the judge had to comply with the law, as judges tend to do, and this father was forced to charge Nassar. He was then taken down and restrained by security.

Despite being handcuffed, this man was not exactly in the wrong. He let his emotions fly, but there is nothing shameful about that in this situation.