​Why are we opening up this can of worms again? 

Because it involves Tom Brady, that's why.

At the level that Brady is discussed, people are going to run out of things to talk about. In fact, they already have. ​Deflategate was three years ago, and yet people are still bringing it up. But when it involves exonerating Brady, it's a totally worthwhile discussion, and ex-Colt D'Qwell Jackson (a man who reportedly picked off a deflated ball in the fated game) is here to help.

In the video, Jackson, the man who the Colts said first reported the deflated footballs, said he "had no idea" what was going on and said there was no way the ball was deflated. 

Ok, great, glad to clear that up. Unfortunately, Spygate and Deflategate will continue to be discussed throughout Brady's career. 

Although, if he wins No. 6 on Sunday, I think the discussion ends right then and there. It better.