​As you may have heard on Wednesday night, Cleveland Cavaliers star​ LeBron James would consider meeting with the Golden State Warriors this offseason, if they were to offer him a max contract.

On Thursday, however, we have received a further look at which teams James could consider signing with this upcoming offseason. Those teams are reportedly narrowed down to six.

Chris Haynes of ESPN reports that James could consider the Cavaliers, Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, and the Los Angeles Lakers in addition to Golden State.

As stated in the tweet above, the Warriors, Spurs and Heat are only options if all three teams can clear up cap space to offer James a max deal. And we can only hope it's not Golden State.

So that leaves Cleveland, Los Angeles, and Houston as feasible options.

​​The one interesting omission that LeBron has made was the Los Angeles Clippers, who reportedly looking to trade DeAndre Jordan and Lou Williams in order​ to lure James in free agency. As of this report, it doesn't appear to be the case.

There is still plenty of NBA season left before we get into the LeBron sweepstakes. However, this sneak preview will leave many excited for the coming months.