​Another year, another​ New England Patriots team in the Super Bowl.

One thing has remained unchanged, and that's quarterback Tom Brady is at the helm. Many Patriots detractors are salivating and waiting for the day that the five-time Super Bowl champion steps away from the game.

Those fans will have to wait a few more years.

During media availability on Wednesday, Brady was asked how much longer he plans to play. Brady jokingly answered with, "why does everyone want me to retire?" The goal for Brady is simple, he wants to play until his mid-40's.

​​If you are a fan of an AFC East team, this is the worst news possible.

Brady has proven that as he gets older, he is able to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of the game. He is truly an ageless wonder, and at this rate, he could possibly play for another three-to-five years,​ rift or not.

Just days before Super Bowl LII, Patriots fans have something to be excited about. Non-Patriots fans will be looking for someway to cope with this news.