Now that the dust has settled and we've all (maybe) caught our breath, it's time to take a step back and look at this blockbuster trade sending Alex Smith to the Redskins.  

On paper, it's certainly a confusing move. Not only is Washington parting ways with one of their best cornerbacks in Kendall Fuller, but they're deciding to move forward with an older quarterback rather than investing in the man who's already there in Kirk Cousins.

If you think that doesn't make sense, just wait until you get a load of this massive deal. 

The Redskins wasted no time at all shelling out money for their new franchise quarterback, handing him an insane four-year extension worth a whopping $94 million with $71 million guarantees.

For now, this is an agreement in principle. He has to pass a physical on March 14 to officially get the deal. 

For whatever reason, the Redskins are shunning Cousins and dropping a ridiculous amount of money on Smith, who is an aging veteran. They could have invested a bit more and just kept a younger QB in his prime that has been a staple of the franchise.

This isn't a jab at Smith as a player. He's proven he's more than just a game manager, earning Pro Bowl honors in two consecutive seasons. This is taking a jab at the fact that the man has won absolutely nothing and yet the Redskins have more faith in him than Cousins. 

It's like this team doesn't realize that he's four years older than Cousins and doesn't have the same ability to expose a defense. For example, Smith took 12 seasons to crack the 4,000-yard mark in a single year. Cousins has now done it in each of the three seasons he was named the team's starter, yet he can't receive a similar deal. 

Yes, a contract with Cousins would've cost the team more, but what did this contract cost the Redskins? By the final year of this deal, Smith will be a 37-year-old QB making $23.5 million annually. 

Good luck explaining that to your fanbase in the future.