Though All-Star Games are designed to honor star players and are played for the fans, the game itself is...quite pointless.

Especially in the MLB, where the league eliminated the whole "it counts now" vibe.

After the MLB announced ​the game would no longer have World Series home-field implications in 2016, ​the league attempted to add incentive for winning teams. Nevertheless, the game hasn’t become any more intriguing, according to those jaded fans.

Well, what about this rule? Could this help?


Technically, there's no need for the All-Star Game to last into eternity. Need we remember the 2008 All-Star game, which went 15 innings and lasted nearly five hours?

But hey, those are the breaks of the game. If you're bored by extra-inning baseball, then guess what? You're not a baseball fan.

Placing a runner on second base in extra innings would end the game...quickly as hell. It's also objectively not baseball.

It didn't work in the World Baseball Classic, and it won't work now.

If the league plans to implement wide-ranging pace of play rules, the All-Star Game is as good a place as any to check out how operational they are.

But this ain't the rule. Try again.