The ​Boston Red Sox faithful should not be happy with the way this offseason has been panning out. The Yankees got Giancarlo Stanton, Lorenzo Cain is off the market, and they STILL can't come to terms with ​J.D. Martinez.

Under the leadership of front office executive Dave Dombrowski, Boston's farm system has also taken a hit-- and if his past with the Tigers shows anything, it's that Red Sox fans should be seriously worried:

That is not what you want to be seeing from your President of Baseball Operations. Considering the depth of talent that the rival Yankees have in their minor league pipeline, the Red Sox seem to be quickly falling off of their high horse. 

Not only does a poor farm system hurt their ability to develop good talent, it hurts their ability to trade for good talent. The Yankees have had teams plenty excite over prospects like Miguel Andujar and Clint Frazier, and are second in Baseball America's new farm system rankings.

The Red Sox? They're barely ahead of the listless Mets in those same rankings.

Boston needs to start preparing a little better for their future. Otherwise, they will soon find themselves struggling to stay relevant in the AL East.