In return, the Clippers are receiving quite the package:

And to complete the deal, LA is sending two players to the Motor City.

Excuse me?

The Pistons and Clippers are two teams going in opposite directions. If one team were to be a seller at the trade deadline, we'd probably bank on Detroit, especially considering their record of late. Detroit has lost eight straight games, and are 1-9 in their last 10 games.

But Stan Van Gundy doesn't have one rebuilding bone in his body. Which, I guess, explains why they're chasing Blake Griffin, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

Landing a superstar the caliber of Griffin would surely put the Pistons back in the playoff race in the East. Currently, they're fading by the day.

Yet, this is incredibly questionable on the Clippers end. It's not a shock that LA is selling, but a deal with Detroit surely wouldn't net much of a return as far as young, potential superstars...unless they're including Andre Drummond. By the looks of it, they aren't.

We knew Detroit would be active in trade talks, as they're looking to unload Avery Bradley and potentially upgrade at point guard in a deal around Reggie Jackson. 

Yet, this would shock us all.