​Uh oh. Russell Westbrook has declared Petty War on Joel Embiid.

On Sunday, the 76ers big man stuffed Russ in a bodybag when he emphatically dunked on him and then stared him down. Well, Westbrook got the last laugh when the Thunder defeated the Sixers 122-112.

But the win wasn't enough for Russ. He had to stare Embiid down while he was dribbling the ball as time expired.

Oh yeah, and Embiid was ON THE BENCH while Westbrook was doing this. You know the Thunder star is not going to forget Embiid showboating that posterization, which is going to make the All-Star Game very, very intriguing since the two are on opposite teams.

Westbrook threw in one last look before he officially left the court.

Now, we wait for tweets from The Process. Strap in, everyone.