​Carmelo Anthony is one of the elite sharpshooters in the NBA today. ​After reaching 25,000 career points on Saturday, you know he's a stud at drilling shots. 

Clearly, though, he's firing shots off the hardwood as well. 

While Melo and La La remain separated, that didn't stop the NBA star from reaching out to her via Instagram. Clearly Anthony liked what he saw. 


As you can see, Melo clearly commented the old, "Now we talking."

Can't blame Melo for reaching out, though. In addition to being a beautiful young lady, La La is also quite talented. 

However, the two separated after Melo was allegedly caught cheating on La La, while reports also surfaced the Knicks 2016-17 season was ​providing a ton of stress on the couple. 

For now, the two remain split up. Will they get back together? That remains up in the air.