All she had to do was check the schedule more than once!

Loving a team that you don't live near certainly is difficult. You never get to see them, and whenever they do come around near you, you have to go out of your way to get tickets and see your team play in an away arena. It's just a tough task to tackle. 

However, one of the best things about that is planning a trip to go see your favorite team play on their home ice and join up with the hometown crowd. Unfortunately, such a trip can lead to some huge mistakes... like planning to go to a game that's not actually there. 

​​Poor Sydney made that very mistake. 

This diehard Predators fan made a trip all the way out to Nashville to see her team play, just to find out that the Preds were actually playing in New Jersey that night. Pretty rough mistake to make. 

Fortunately for Sydney, the team stepped up and made sure her journey wasn't for nothing. 

The Preds made sure to find their big fan and give her as much gear as they could, including a scarf, towel, schedule, puck, and much more. ​​

​​Even better, one of the Predators top investors pitched in and made sure to get her another trip for whenever she's available. 

That's how to turn a bad situation​​ around right there.