The Larry Nassar scandal is extending far beyond just the gymnastics program at Michigan State, as the school's president, ​athletic director and many other upper management members are now being held accountable for the school's gross inadequacy in handling Nassar.

It now looks like Mark Dantonio, and the Michigan State football team also has an inexcusable record ​in regards to sexual assault cases relating to the players in their program.

Since Dantonio began coaching the Spartans in 2007, there have been at least 16 MSU football players accused of sexual assault or violence against women.

The situation gets even more troubling when factoring in that Dantonio had been involved in the discipline of several of these early cases, yet when he was asked in June about four of his players currently accused of sexual assault, his answer was a blatant lie. 

He stated: "This is new ground for us. We've been here 11 years--it has not happened previously."

Denial is an unacceptable reaction to​ matters of sexual misconduct of any sort, and Dantonio needs to be fired alongside the many other members of the Michigan State administration that allow for this environment to fester.

The only response to all of this is to clean house. Dantonio is a side-effect of that, and as a result should get the axe.