KANSAS CITY, MO - DECEMBER 27: Johnny Manziel #2 of the Cleveland Browns fights his way out of a tackle attempt from Derrick Johnson #56 of the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium during the fourth quarter of the game on December 27, 2015 in Kansas City, Missouri. (Photo by Peter Aiken/Getty Images)

9 Former NFL Players Who Should Wind Up in the XFL

The NFL is a tricky beast, and that makes it so easy to write people off. While we may think some people are garbage or have nothing left in the tank, there's always a Case Keenum  or a Kurt Warner who comes along and flips the world upside down. 

Then, there's always a Jeff Brohm or a He Hate Me who has to go a slightly different angle to find relevance. These nine ex-NFLers would be perfect in the XFL, so long as Vince McMahon waives that whole "no prior convictions" thing.

9. Dorial Green-Beckham

There was a time when people thought Green-Beckham could break every receiving record ever set, but that was before he got into so much trouble while in college. DGB has bounced around a couple of teams (not Eagles material), and is now out of the league. Still, if he proves he has his head on straight, a league in need of talent infusion would be insane not to plunder him.

8. Trent Richardson

Richardson could never evolve as a runner in the league, often showing a stunning lack of awareness. But you know his punishing strength, aka his best attribute, would play well in a new league that sets the precedent that running people over is the ideal.

We'd love to give him a shot.

7. Peyton Hillis

And, speaking of bruisers, you can't tell me this guy wouldn't kick ass and take names in the smashmouth XFL.

The former Madden cover boy (yes, for real) would be a great fit in this gritty new venture, as long as he's willing to lace up the pads once again and recreate his one-season glory.

6. Johnny Manziel

Yes, this list is entirely Browns.

His may be the most polarizing name on the list, and I'd give Manziel's chances of returning to the game stateside just a "meh." But we know he's into it, already firing off Tweets to Vince McMahon.

Come on, just waive that silly little legal requirement. This is what we ALL want.

5. Vincent Jackson

I'm just going to say this: if you're the size of a freight train and you have decent hands, you can play in the NFL. 

But if you can't, then you might as well be the veteran leader and big name the XFL so desires.

4. Mario Williams

Here's another guy who shockingly couldn't find work this year. 

Williams wasn't that far away from having a Hall of Fame career, which should be enough motivation for him to get back onto the field in any capacity. Why not augment your legacy with a season of weirdness? You know he'd have his intensity turned up to 11.

3. Robert Griffin III

Please. Please. PLEASE.

The only downside here is that absolutely nobody's complaint with RG3's NFL career was that he wasn't reckless enough. Therefore, we're not sure the insane mentality of this new league would give him much benefit.

2. Vince Young

While VY somehow busted in the NFL, his numbers weren't nearly as bad as you likely remember; he strangely lost his job on a whim to Kerry Collins, in the time when losing your job was much easier, and then he just never really got it back.

If you think the most exciting non-Vick in-game QB we've seen can't rile himself up into game shape by 2020, you're kidding yourself.

1. Tim Tebow

This league was BUILT for the Teebs.

Plays the game the right way: check.

Will never sit for the anthem: check.

Plays another game he has no right to be playing the "right way" with the Mets: Check. Please.

Even if Vince McMahon doesn't ask him, you know he's joining this thing as a hobby. It's probably already in the league rules.