​Sorry Padres fans, but it would seem that the celebrations aren't quite ready to continue after Trevor Hoffman's Hall of Fame election.

According to the Padres, Eric Hosmer never signed anything Wednesday night, if you choose to believe them. In an offseason that seems to be filled with ​Twitter antics, Eric Hosmer is the most recent case. 

The San Diego Padres, after posting some cryptic Hosmer messages late Wednesday, now claim they were victims of a hack. We shall see.

Check out what went up on Instagram.

​​You hate to see that. 

And here are the Tweets.

We know the Padres have been invested in jockeying for Hosmer as their ​franchise's centerpiece since the offseason kicked off in earnest. And we've seen them, against all odds, emerge as one of only two teams truly still in the derby; he could return to KC, but likely won't find himself in Boston, especially after the ​one-year signing of Mitch Moreland.

But on the same day as the Hoffman celebration began? In the middle of the night? Doesn't seem likely.

Although I am sure the Pads wished it were true, a deal doesn't appear to be done yet, and the Padres were quick to shoot down the hopes and dreams of their fans. 

This offseason is really struggling along. We need fake Tweets to get ourselves riled up about signings and trades. It happened with Yu Darvish, Gerrit Cole, and now Eric Hosmer. This one definitely fooled some fans. 

So, while we still wait for the biggest free agents to sign, the race for Eric Hosmer still continues...