​The Larry Nassar scandal has shaken the Michigan State University community to their core, and rightly so. The higher-ups in East Lansing completely mismanaged and enabled a serial predator, and totally failed dozens of victims in the process.

That calls for immediate action, and we finally got some justice on Wednesday night, as ​Lou Anna Simon revealed intentions to resign as president of the university.

That's not nearly enough, but it's a start. Sadly, though, it's a conclusion that should've been reached ​far earlier. David Beedle, a Spartans lineman, admitted the thought process would've been much different if the football team were involved. 

And the reasoning behind that is purely financial, and unfortunately accurate:

"As a student athlete at Michigan State University, it has been a dream of mine to attend this great institution and wear the green and white with pride and honor," Beedle wrote. 

"Along with being a student athlete, I have been provided with a platform that requires leadership and integrity. With the events that have occurred recently regarding Nassar and other assault victims, there is no apology that will erase the pain these young girls and children have experienced. As a MALE football player, situations such as this are rare and if it was to arise in football, I feel that action would've been taken immediately. No matter the sport, gender, ethnicity or race, we are all human and deserve to be protected and treated equally. To the women involved, you are stronger than many people could even dream of and I commend you for working towards the justice you deserve. It is my hope that MSU will continue to work at putting forth leaders who share the same principles that I do and who are dedicated to the safety of all. When it's all said and done, it's about the people that make up this beautiful University and I can only hope that the correct actions will be taken to keep the Student body and our Spartan family in tact."

Beedle raises a valid point and one that the college sports community likely isn't ready to face in the wake of these tragic events. But it's a crucial question we must all take away from this and learn from.