Curt Schilling has shot himself in the foot so many times, he’s ran out of bullets.

Schilling was once again left off the Hall of Fame inductees and it can be argued that it’s his mouth, not his professional career, that’s haunting him. Schilling has created a lot of controversy since retiring in 2009. His retweet comparing Muslim Jihadists to Nazis turned many heads and an “anti-transgender” retweet actually got him fired from ESPN.

When it comes to statistics, Schilling is absolutely deserving of making the Hall of Fame.

Schilling is 15th all-time in strikeouts (3,116), has 216 career wins, and led the league four different seasons in complete games. Not having a three-time World Champion and World Series MVP in the Hall of Fame does seem absurd. Of course what’s even more asinine is the content that Schilling shares on social media and speaks of on a daily basis.

Recently ​Schilling has spoken out against the Hall of Fame voters and ​has shown support of a white supremacist. Any voter of good morals would seemingly not vote for Schilling, as his radical views and disrespect towards the voters in charge has gotten out of control.

He had his highest voting support in 2016, gaining 52.3 percent of all voters yet he dropped off this year, getting just 45 percent. Many can make the case that statistics should be the deciding factor when getting into the Hall. Obviously character is a huge aspect that is taken into consideration and Schilling is on a downward spiral in that regard.