​Scott Boras is one of the most polarizing figures in all of sports. 

His players love him, MLB organizations hate him, and fans, often times, don't know what to think.

I'm no shill for Scott Boras, but he brought up a fantastic point about the state of MLB free agency.

​​After payroll, professional sports organizations are making over $100 million annually and are still dragging their feet on giving out contracts? 


Can't teams see that winning is by far the most important way to attract fans and increase revenue. When a team is good, the fans will support it, and that will bring in more money for the team.

I would not be surprised if it were revealed that MLB teams were colluding to make sure player salaries are not overinflated. Kind of ridiculous to me though.

Boras is definitely in the right in this situation. We'll see if the MLB organizations finally pay up for these top talents.