​Brutal, disturbing, disgusting, and sickening are just a few words to describe the actions of Larry Nassar. 

For over two decades, Nassar sexually abused about 175 females, as he was a physician for Michigan State and the USA gymnastics team. 

Nassar has received his punishment, as he will be sentenced to prison for 175 years. 

Not only did Nassar abuse women, he sexually harassed young girls, who were just trying to advance in their field. 

Obviously the judge had no issue sentencing Nassar, as they made it clear he doesn't deserve to live a normal life: 

​​While the drama surrounding Nassar's case is now over, there is still a ton of questions surrounding Michigan State, specifically ​the staff members that knew of Nassar's actions. 

Due to several questionable comments, there will be a​ NCAA-led investigation about their handling of Larry Nassar, which will make this nightmare continue. 

However, justice was served and Larry Nassar will not be able to ruin anymore lives.