​Vikings fans are ALL IN on the petty wars. 

During the team's disappointing loss to the Eagles this past weekend in the NFC title game, the main storyline actually drifted away from the on-the-field action, and more towards ​Eagles fans disrespect of the Vikings fans that made the trip to Philly. 

With the Birds in the Super Bowl now, their fans will be forced to travel to Minnesota to watch their team in the big game, and Vikings fans are ​already plotting revenge

Their latest idea is a stroke of pure genius. 

Some fans are taking to Twitter to muster up interest in a group that will sign up to be Uber drivers during Super Bowl weekend, solely to drive Eagles fans to different locations and drop them off nowhere near the stadium. ​​

​​It's a crazy idea, but crazy enough to work perfectly. 

​​These Eagles fans are going to have no idea where they are. How in the world are they going to know if they're going in the right direction or not?

​​If they ask about the GPS, just say you're taking a shortcut!

​​It'll probably get these fans some negative reviews on Uber, but all well worth the laughs.