​That's one way to say you're sorry. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are Super Bowl bound after their huge win over the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC title game. While ​fans were pumped about the game, the media spotlight is actually on them for a totally different reason. 

Countless videos hit the web of ​Eagles fans treating Vikings fans like trash, including this brutal walk into the stadium before the game even started. 

​​Needless to say, things did not look good for Philly fans. 

However, a few rotten apples are not going to ruin the bunch in this case. Eagles fans know of the horrible people that exist within their fanbase, and are doing what they can to show just how many good people are in there too. 

How do you prove that? Sending some charitable donations towards Minnesota is certainly a start. 

​​Eagles fans have been sending lumps of cash to the Mike Zimmer Foundation, which provides opportunities to the youth in Minnesota. 

A classy way to respond to a tough situation.