​Chicago Cubs fans, your team has made a free agent signing. Who is it?

​Jake Arrieta?​​ ​Yu Darvish

Nope, it is catcher Chris Gimenez. 

Gimenez isn't a ground-breaking signing, but he will serve as a backup to starting catcher Willson Contreras. This will allow the Cubs to alleviate the stress on Contreras during the season, saving his legs by not having him catch a large amount of games. 

Oddly enough, this is a move the Cubs really did need to make. Not only for the reason above, but the fact that the team struggled to find a real backup last year until they brought in Alex Avila.

Now that Avila is no longer on the team, they needed a suitable replacement. 

The good thing about Gimenez is he also has the ability to play numerous positions, which makes him a Joe Maddon player already. Last year he saw starts in the outfield, first base, third base and catcher. 

Maddon's gonna love this guy.