Even after finally adding a penalty-aided touchdown, this is not what Patriots fans want to see right now.

New England has been bullied by the Jacksonville Jaguars so far in this game, as the defense has shut down Tom Brady and Co. and ​Blake Bortles has been looking fine through the first half. 

Unfortunately, things just got a whole lot worse for the Pats. Rob Gronkowski took a horrific hit to the helmet from Jags safety Barry Church, and was visibly dazed and confused as he was helped off the field. 


Church was immediately hit with a personal foul for the highly illegal hit, but it's what happened after the play that really matters. 

Gronk was helped off the field, and needed Chris Hogan's help to even stand up and get off the field. He immediately went to the locker room. 

He's questionable to return:

​​With such terrible helmet-to-helmet contact, chances are that Gronk is heading to the 

concussion protocol. If not, the NFL will have a significant scandal to address in the two weeks prior to the Super Bowl.

If he's able to come back to this game, it looks like it would take a miracle or a serious violation of the concussion protocol.