Baker Mayfield isn't speaking unless he's firing back at someone who doubted him, or trolling someone. There really is no in-between.

There's plenty of doubt headed his way as mock draft after mock draft has numerous QBs going ahead of him, inspiring him to have that chip on his shoulder we've all seen display countless times.

Sadly, motivated Mayfield and trolling Mayfield sometimes cross paths. 

When the former Sooner saw Oklahoma State QB Mason Rudolph call himself the best quarterback of the draft, Mayfield couldn't help but troll him by slamming that retweet button. 

​​It's like every single time someone opens their mouth and says something about doubting him, his ears perk up. It's like a sixth sense. 

Mayfield certainly has confidence in himself and deservedly so. You don't just rack up 43 touchdowns, 4,600+ yards, and win a Heisman without earning that sort of confidence. He's certainly allowed to troll at every corner.

But still, you'd think he'd tone it down a little bit when it comes to other prospects having the same exact confidence. What was Rudolph supposed to say? That there were plenty of QBs better than him and that he should be drafted late? Give the kid a break. 

He someone lashes out when people doubt him but then starts trolling others when they feel sure of themselves just like he does. Seems pretty hypocritical on this end. 

Then again, Mayfield is usually doing questionable things, like when he said #GetMeToMiami on Instagram Live while watching an NFL Draft show last night and then having to clarify what he meant.

Sooner or later, he's going to have to be a little bit more consistent in his behavior.