There is a problem for All-Star guards in the West, and it'll happen annually from here until eternity. There is simply too much talent, making a few snubs an inevitable side effect.

Unfortunately, one of those snubs is Damian Lillard every single year.

Dame is definitely an All-Star caliber player, yet he may miss the cut this year once more, much as he has the previous three seasons. However to say he's an All-Star starter is asinine, at this juncture.

But that hasn't stopped Dame from buzzing.

Need it be said that there are three guards in the West who are unquestionably better than him?James Harden, Steph Curry, and Russell Westbrook all have Finals experience, winning records year after year and the stats to back them up. In the West, Lillard will never be a starter in an All-Star Game. Never.

It’s striking that he's upset about being a starter. His team is just 24-21 on the season and he has never made it past the Western Conference Semifinals. Don’t get it twisted. Lillard is an All-Star talent and should be involved in the game this season. He has averaged 25 points per game along with 6.5 assists. 

He has a point to be upset when players like Lonzo Ball and Manu Ginobili posted more fan votes. This is all on them, though, so Lillard and the rest of us have to take it with a grain of salt.

Dame, you want more fan votes? Come play in New York.

​Last season he was the most notable snub and this year may be no different. But when it comes to starting, that's simply laughable.