The New England Patriots involved in more controversy? No way. 

This time it doesn't have to do with video cameras or deflated balls, but rather Tom Brady's hand. Brady reportedly injured his hand on Wednesday after colliding with a teammate in practice. X-rays showed no structural damage, but he did not practice today.

While it may be a legitimate concern for the Patriots heading into Sunday's AFC Championship game, Jaguars defensive tackle Malik Jackson isn't buying it one bit. 

​​Jackson appeared on ProFootballTalk live on Thursday and spoke to Mike Florio on the matter. He didn't seem to believe any of what the Patriots were throwing out, referencing LeSean McCoy's ankle injury in the Wild Card round. 

“I remember [Bills running back] LeSean McCoy said he had a high ankle sprain and came out there cutting and stuff,” Jackson told Florio.

McCoy injured his ankle the week before but played just about 100 percent against the Jaguars, so Jackson has his doubts. 

This wouldn't be the first time we've seen Tom Brady "battle" an injury and play just fine during a game. Before the NFL changed their injury report policy this offseason, Brady was listed on the injury report almost every week with something different. This feels like another smokescreen by Belichick and company. 

If you think Brady is going to miss a game like this then you're kidding yourself. 

The Jaguars know better and they'll look to get after Brady whether he's injured or fully healthy. 

Teams who can rush with four defenders have a good track record against Brady and we'll see just how well the defense can hold up against one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.