​As Sports Illustrated promised, Bryce Harper has been one of the best players in the MLB since his debut in 2012 at age ​19. However, even with his successes at the Major League level, Harper has always been referred to as the second-best player, behind Mike Trout. 

This year, however, he might be able to finally puts those talks to rest and actually become the best player in the sport. 

Harper has averaged 32 home runs and 89 RBI before, so if those were the results with him taking it easy, the league better buckle-up, because this has the makings of an all-time great season. 

You might think it's premature to label a season as potentially one of the greatest ever when it hasn't even started yet, however this is a player that was on Sports Illustrated at 16, and has dominated ever since. If he's working harder than he ever has (which is what is seems like from the Gallo quote), then the rest of the league is in trouble. 

That is, if he can stay healthy, which is a big IF. 

Not many teams will be able to afford Harper when he hits free agency, especially if he puts up an historic season this year. However, after the Yankees traded for Giancarlo Stanton, the Cubs have seemingly emerged as the early ​favorites for the slugger. A lineup with Bryant, Rizzo, and Harper sure could do some damage.