​Hear that? That's the MLB hot stove clicking on for another round of sizzling rumors. 

The MLB offseason has had a couple of peaks but mostly deep, wide valleys. We started off high with the insane Giancarlo Stanton trade, but things went radio silent until recently, with Gerrit Cole getting traded to the Astros and Andrew McCutchen heading to the Giants.

And now we have ourselves a new rumor to sink our teeth into. According to reports, young Phillies outfielder Nick Williams has been working out with ​free agent ace Jake Arrieta and is trying to recruit him to join the team.

​​Arrieta, like many of the pitchers in free agency right now, has ​seen his market slow as a fellow big-name starter, Yu Darvish, continues to wait things out. One of these two is going to have to set the market, but none are taking the initiative just yet.

However, that's not stopping Williams from recruiting Arrieta as best he can to be the Phils' next ace. 

​​Given how poor Philadelphia's pitching was in 2017, adding Arrieta would not be a bad move in the least. He'd be a reliable veteran to put at the top of the rotation that could mentor young arms like Aaron Nola and Vince Velasquez. 


This move is just crazy enough to work.