​It is going to be an interesting Sunday in Philadelphia. The hometown Eagles are facing the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. The winner moves onto Super Bowl LII.

The City of Philadelphia knows the fan base well, and are getting ready for what could be a ​raucous celebration.

The Philadelphia Police Department sent a notice to business owners, letting them know that they cannot guarantee their safety if the Eagles win the NFC Championship. Seriously.

​​As you have read, the police suggested stores near Lincoln Financial Field be closed, locked, and bring any outside items such as garbage cans inside. Not only that, but police are asking bar owners serve drinks in plastic cups instead of glass bottles.

Classic Philly. We know how passionate Philadelphia sports fans are, and the police know it all too well, so they sent a letter of warning a few days before ​the big day.

That leaves the question, what happens if the Eagles lose? 

​​So there you have it. Sunday can end in rowdy and destructive celebration, or in silent disappointment. 

Regardless, local business owners in Philadelphia are urged to use a sick day this Sunday, and keep there doors closed and locked.