​So, if you're an MLB player, chances are you probably live in a nice house.

That's not the case for ​Detroit Tigers pitcher ​Daniel Norris, who lives in a 1978 Volkswagen Van that's nicknamed "Shaggy."

Yes, you read that correctly. 

And guess what, Shaggy has an Instagram account called @shaggynorris.

Norris lives an interesting life, and according to his coaches, his unconventional lifestyle has not affected his ability to play baseball in a negative way at all. 

Now, we can follow the interesting life of Daniel Norris' van on Instagram, and it's pure gold. 

That's the life right there.

Norris pitched to a 5.31 ERA in 2017 with the Tigers, but he is just 24 years old. 

This guy has quite the personality, and is living his two best lives: one as a baseball player and one as a hippie.

The coolest part about Norris is that he doesn't care what anyone else thinks about him. You have to tip your hat to that.