​The offseason for the Marlins is getting very ugly. 

Like, yes, even uglier than a few weeks ago when ​Giancarlo Stanton got shipped out in the middle of the night.

​Christian Yelich is the next guy expected to be packing his bags, and at this point, they are probably already packed. In a matter of days, Yelich went from simply ​wanting a trade, to saying that his relationship with the organization is shattered. 

And now, he may be skipping out on the Marlins FanFest, personal cost be damned. 

Because the FanFest is a mandatory team event, Yelich would face a fine for missing it. 

Man, it is tough to see it go down like this. Just last summer, he was the face of Miami's All-Star Game.

Yelich's agent Joe Longo spoke on the matter, saying, "He loves the city of Miami. He loves the fans. He's had nothing but good experiences in South Florida, and he feels sorry where they ended up."

The Marlins need to trade him quick, or else 2018 will be an unparalleled ugly season. It will turn into the scene out of the movie Major League, featuring Roger Dorn giving 10 percent on every play.

For such a promising talent in the prime years of his career, we all hope he goes to a team worth having him. One that won't lose 100+ games every year and beg him to attend their FanFests.