​Jacoby Ellsbury may finally be on his way out of New York. 

This news is not coming from Tim Kurkjian, nor Ken Rosenthal, nor even Buster Olney. This news, apparently, comes from Jacoby Ellsbury's doorman. 

Of course, although this means...probably nothing, it sent ​Yankees fans into a frenzy, who want this man to waive his no-trade more than anyone in recent history. 

I cannot lie, I did get a little giddy when I first saw it. 

We can all hope that this is the case, because if it is true it would be amazing news. There is a small part of me that wants to believe it-- and by small, I mean huge. 

This could be anything though. 

Ellsbury could very easily be moving to a new apartment because he hates this doorman, who probably asks him every day where he will accept a trade from. 

Or he could be packing for *cough cough... Arizona*, which would be fantastic news. 

Either way, Yankee fans, just relax and let good 'ol Cashman take control.