​The Philadelphia Eagles host the most important home game in recent memory, as they face the ​Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game

The victor will then head to the Super Bowl. 

The Eagles know how huge this game is for the city of Philadelphia, and they want to pull out all the stops for this Sunday. That includes a certain Philly icon.

The Eagles have reached out to Sylvester Stallone, best known for his role as Philadelphia boxer Rocky Balboa, to make an appearance for the NFC Championship Game. However, it is unknown if both sides reached an agreement.

​​If this were to happen, it will be Stallone's first appearance since their 2003 season opener against the then-Super Bowl Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where the Eagles lost 17-0.

Some Eagles fans are stoked about the potential of Rocky showing up.

​​Nothing shows excitement like the Jonah Hill excited GIF.

​​Even NFL insider Ian Rapoport joined in on the fun. Imagine Rocky​ wearing the same dog mask that offensive tackle Lane Johnson won after their victory over the Atlanta Falcons this past weekend.

​​Then NFL Network reporter Mike Garofolo comes off the top rope with the killer dad joke.

However, while there is positive feedback for Stallone, there are some who are against the idea, looking back to the 2003 home opener.

​​What a killjoy.

​​The legend of Rocky was just torn to shreds. Let's not forget about when Eagles fans booed and threw snowballs at Santa Claus many years ago.

Perhaps nothing sums up shooting down an idea then the Michael Scott "Please No!" GIF.

As stated earlier, it is unknown if Stallone will show up for the festivities on Sunday, but based off of the reactions on social media, it will be met with both praise and criticism.