It's been an incredible seesaw when it comes to the career of one Blake Bortles. 

Normally, the seesaw is on the ground, meaning all comers are constantly dragging him through the mud. Whether it's the media, other fanbases, or even teams that aren't even playing Bortles, it seems like the easiest thing on earth is to find something bad to say about him.

Then, there are those who lift the seesaw up by believing he can take down the NFL's evil empire and head to the Super Bowl.

It's crazy to think about a team beating Tom Brady and thwarting his chance to add another ring to his crowded collection. After all, it's not like Eli Manning is on the Jaguars' sidelines to help them win. 

In reality, there's someone better.

When comparing Bortles and Manning's respective fourth years, it looks like the Jaguars have the better of the two:

Some have been calling for Manning to replace Bortles this offseason, but the more you look at it, the more you understand that the Jags would be downgrading.

You may just overlook the stats and consider them a lucky coincidence, but a Reddit user went much deeper down the Manning/Bortles rabbit hole and proved Jacksonville's situation is better than you think. It isn't just the big stats like passing yards and completion percentage that stand out; it's Jacksonville's team as a whole.

Everyone always says that the Giants' defense carried Eli to a championship a decade ago against the Patriots, which may be true. Even so, what's more important to notice is that the Jacksonville defense this year currently rates better than that very same Giants unit.

Is this just a coincidence? Or are all the pieces lining up to hand Brady and the Pats another huge upset?

No matter what it is, maybe it's time to give Bortles the credit he deserves.