This will continue to be the rallying cry of the Eagles throughout this postseason.

Traditionally, we always hear athletes screaming that "no one believed in them" or that "everyone was counting them out" when they win in the postseason, but that may be more accurate than ever in the Philadelphia Eagles case.

At every step of the way, they truly have been counted out, but are just going to have to continue to prove to the world that they have about as good a shot as anyone to keep playing for the gold.

As we look forward to this Sunday's upcoming conference championship games, the Eagles are once again underdogs.

​​Don't even bother asking the Eagles how they feel about that, though. Everyone in that locker room would undoubtedly say this is exactly the way they want it.

There's arguably ​never been more naysayers attached to a No.1 seed that's made it this deep into the playoffs, but that may just be more of an indicator as to the talents of Carson Wentz and less of an attack on the entire unit.

The Eagles, however, likely couldn't care less what you call it.

They will continue to use it as motivation.