Major League Baseball has seen a lot of change as of late, with small tweaks being made to aspects of the game in order to match the fans' desire for a faster ​pace of play

The changes are ​still rolling in, and the MLB commissioner's office has submitted a formal proposal that would see changes to the way the game is played. 

The pending rule adjustments are focused on reducing the pitch clock and the number of mound visits allowed by a team in order to amp up the pace in games. 

Fans clearly have a strong impact on the decisions being made in the commissioner's office and this seems to be a direct response to complaints from fans across the nation. 

Both of these time-based reductions would surely impact the pace of the game and the way managers operate. Not only would pitchers have less opportunities to set up the punch-out pitch, gather their head after a walk or hit, and figure out how to approach the next hitter, managers and pitching coaches can't go out and give them time (and advice) on how to regroup. It would also give them less of an opportunity to allow a reliever to warm up. 

It will be interesting to see if the ​MLBPA accepts the proposed changes to the sport