Down by 2, with six seconds left ​on the clock and a loose ball rolling down the court, ​Reggie Bullock had the chance to give the Pistons a perfect ending to their game against the Chicago Bulls. 

The two teams had been exchanging punches all game, with the Pistons being within three at the end of the third quarter. With the ball stolen away from the Bulls' Justin Holiday and fed to him on the run, Bullock could just taste victory.

Well, he might have tasted it just a bit too soon. 


With ​Tobias Harris open for the dunk, Bullock decided to go for the game-tying shot himself, where he inevitably missed the layup and lost the game for the Pistons. Despite what appeared to be a foul after the fact, the damage was done and the Bulls ended the game with the W.

We all want to be the hero, Bullock. But sometimes you just need to pass the ball.