​The Raptors head coach is taken the financially smart approach to voicing his displeasures. 

The Toronto Raptors and Golden State Warriors gave us one of the best contests of the year earlier tonight, with the Warriors escaping with a 127-125 win in front of a ruckus Raptors crowd. 

However, the end was shrouded in controversy. On one of the final plays, there was a scuffle for the ball in the corner, and refs initially granted the ball to Toronto. However, after further review, it was Warriors ball and the game was virtually over. 

​​Upon further review, they probably made the right call, but that didn't make things any easier for the Raptors. 

Head coach Dwayne Casey was still upset over the call, and voiced his displeasures in arguably the calmest and most nonchalant way possible. 

​​Casey was smart here. 

He's seen all the fines getting thrown around for blasting the officials, so he figured he'd save a few bucks and take a nice fake shot at the refs. 

Good stuff Dwayne.