​Regardless of whether the ball would drop in or not, this one would end in a big time upset.

Thousands of eyes looked on as the shot by ​Notre Dame guard Temple Gibbs bounced around on the rim for what fell like an eternity.

In the end, even Gibbs' second effort would prove to be just off as the lid on the rim wouldn't give and so the Tar Heels barely escaped defeat.

By just that much.

​​The Notre Dame crowd sucked all the air out of the stadium with their gasps instead of electing to channel their air and blow the ball back towards to hole. If they'd just done some forward thinking, then, maybe there could have been pandemonium on campus instead of extreme disappoint.

What if.

In all seriousness, though, the Fighting Irish certainly put a good one on the Tar Heels that was a nail bitter all the way down to the final horn.

If Notre Dame continues this season playing the way they just played against UNC, then there will certainly be plenty more chances for them to upset the applecart.